Myrtos Beach – Kefalonia, Greece

Greece is one of the most attraction country to the tourism sector in the Southern Europe. The majorities that make this country to be a most visited of tourists destination places with lots of beautiful beaches area that mostly consistent of historical and cultural sites, vacation parties and many sorts of sporting activities so far.

Myrtos beach is the best travel vacation place for honeymooner, fam trip tour and family relaxation. Myrtos is situated in the north-west of Ionian island of Kefalonia in Greece. Myrtos is one of the unique and standard environmentbeach in Greece. The beach water is crystal clear with the blue color and the shores mixed with white smooth stones and sand. One more important thing that we cannot missed over is eating, there are also have bar and restaurant that can providing visitors the best delicious snacks and fresh drinks on the beach site as well.
So list down Myrtos beach in your vacation list book and go there to get a real experiences..!