Leilani Franco – British Contortionist Folding Her Body on the London Street

Humanities around the world has their own different genius skill. Leilani Franco, a British girl with 29 years old has a flexible body that not most people can do that like her. At the age of 18, she had gone to a circus acrobat and she realized that she can do as well.

After that Leilani trying to learn new tricks day-by-day from her daily life activities such bending her body and take foot to eat foods, brush the teeth by using her foot and rolling her way like a ball.

Most passenger in the UK road really amazed and shocked with her acrobat acting when Leilani tries to following her new tricks on the road within the various ways and styles. One more amazing about her is she can bending herself into suitcase without paint….so Leilani Franco is a genius contortionist..!