Exciting Lakes Of Ounianga In Sahara Desert – African World Heritage Sites

Lakes of Ounianga are the multi series of lakes located in the northeastern Chad in the Sahara Desert and it also consisting about 18 interconnected lakes. Ounianga Lakes is covered by the Sahara desert which has a total area of 62,808 hectares. Ounianga comprising the most incredible natural views of the awesome beauty with the lake’s shapes and the colorful of lake’s water. By the greatest potential of freshwater in the Ounianga Lakes, they were become a basic home of particular fish and the aquatic fauna. So that our MostBreathtakingPlaces site had compiled an album photos of Ounianga Lakes for dearest reader as an experience. I trust that after your finished check out, it will gonna blow your mind set want to visit there one day. Enjoy the amazing landscapes below!