15 Wonderful Photography of Nature By Macro Shooting

If you want to create really stunning pictures of the things you cannot see with the naked eye, you must go over 1:1 ratio. For this, lens reversing is the cheapest solution. The first look through the viewfinder, the bugs, flowers, anything looks as if you are really close a reversed canon kit lens can do 2:1 well. Microscope can show more but macro is about capturing the animals and flowers out there in their natural habitat without harming them. More info: Facebook | kilatasgaleria.blog.hu via BoredPanda

1. Light Wings Damselfly Around 50mm to 70mm

2. Ant About 5mm

3. Locust In The Morning Colors Around 5mm

4. Beautiful Mantis

5. Butterfly On Lavender

6. Honey Bee On Lavender

7. Green Fly Around 9mm

8. Spider About 5mm to 8mm

9. Hoverfly About 5mm to 6mm

10. Worm About 5mm to 6mm

11. Small Frog Hiding In Water

12. Locust Around 15mm to 20mm

13. Damselfly Around 50mm to 60mm

14. Tiny Wasp Mimicking A Fly About 5mm – 6mm

15. Drops On A Small Leaf