This Girl Waiting Verification From Guinness Book of World Records for Longest Tongue

People have their own different genius talent to get famous. Do you believe this lady can use her tongue to touch her nose…eyes…? Andrianne Lewis has an abnormal longest tongue with the length of four inches long. She was became a popular YouTube sensation channel by her tongue. Andrianne can uses her tongue to touch her nose, eyes and even elbow too. Due to her incredible natural sense, she started to post videos about awe tongue actions on YouTube and getting a huge amount of viewers.

Later then she has created her own YouTube Channel and posting regularly videos of her tongue activities that gain her receives a enormous number of views and likes. The longest tongue in Guinness World Record Book is 3.9 inches. Still now her claims haven’t got any confirmation by Guinness official yet, if so this turn true then she might be holding the Guinness World Record for the longest tongue in the world.