This Crazy Man Decides To Split Belonging Properties into Half Shape

Actually we will regret when we broke something useful in the house or materials that important to us. If you are a normal person you must be don’t do fool things like cutting or split your belonging properties in your house, right! But now, just take a quick look at this German guy done with his properties. He was order from the customer to split all his properties into the middle even with his recent ex-wife. Through to the painful and anger with his unfaithful ex-wife he was decided to the required orders. Everybody really doubt about who ordering to buy all these half shape products. In fact this man has created an eBay account to selling his UM (Expression of hesitation) creations products. By using some power tools this guy has sliced and split his possessions such car, electronics material and his furniture and turn them into the silly um creations. However; until now still no reactions message from his ex-wife yet. So that we cannot considered that what wrong between this couples. This is the middle sofa and also the last properties that was split into half shape by the guy.
Full Images Credit via Viralnova