The Most Tallest Guy With 8 Feet 1 inch in India

Everyone wish to be tall even men and women. And no one want to be short; hence Dharmendra Singh, a 32 years old guy from Meerut, Uttar Pradesh is a tallest man in India. He never wish to be a such fulfilled tallest man like this. Dharmendra Singh has 8 feet 1 inch, but his tallest made him difficult to survive with his living. During his teen time he started gain many friends because of most of his friend considered his tallest as an object of
their ridicule. However; his generous tall manner course him extremely hard to find friend with the opposite gender. At the college he never had any female friend until today so it was hard to approaching women friend. Dharmendra hope to find a girl as a true love one day.

Today he cannot find any job to do due to his unnatural appearance. He can earns $6 everyday by displaying as a freak in his local fair to take a picture with him.