Qian Hongyan, Legless Basketball Girl in Southwestern China

Qian Hongyan grow up in one rural area in the southwestern China of Yunnan province. She lost her both legs when she was four years old in a horrific car accident in 2000. This is not easy for her to use prosthetic legs for everyday moving one to one place. So Hongyan had to improvise by learned to walk with her both had and using a basketball cut in half to steady herself. She was called as “Basketball Girl” by the local people. In the year of 2005, Hongyan has got a new artificial legs from the China Rehabilitation Research Center. After receiving her new legs, she has joined the nation’s first swimming club for disabled which officially supported by the Yunnan Provincial Federation of the Disabled. Hongyan tried to practice even school education and swimming skill. She hopes that she will win a medal prize for her country in the Paralympic Games one day. So finally, at the age of 18 she has received the adult-sized prosthetic limbs from the China Rehabilitation Research Center.

Full Image Credit via firsttoknow.com