Jagwinder Singh – An Indian Armless Cyclist Hope to Win Gold at Paralympics

Jagwinder Singh has 24 years old. He is a cyclist competitor in India. Even he was born without fully arms, he didn’t give up his dream but trying to learn more about cycling sport activities. After watched the Olympics competition in 2012, Jagwinder had draw inspiration and wish to be a winner like the winner in London Olympics. Through this, he has determined and hope to get an opportunity in Paralympics competition ahead and also wishing to win the gold prize as well. Recently, he is trying to strengthening his performance by traveling almost 25 km at least 3 times per week within his hometown of Patran, Punjab.

Beside cyclist, Jagwinder Singh is also an painting teacher and loves to cook too. He paints many attractive images and pictures by using his legs and sold them to the galleries shops. Jagwinder didn’t upset about his arms because of he trust that his legs can do all what arms can.

Now, Jagwinder is working so hard to make his dream come true to achieving the recognition from people around the world. His family, friends and his coaches also support and proud with his inspiration. His parents said that he should have someone to take care him if he achieve his dreams.