10 Historic Watercolors Document From Around The World Was Before Photography

Before there were cameras, people documented how the world and its inhabitants looked like through paintings. Oil on canvas was the medium of choice because of its vivid colors and the durability of the medium itself. But starting from the 18th century, many European artists both professional and amateur began to prefer watercolors, especially those who liked to paint outdoors. The materials required to paint in watercolor can be easily carried in a compact carrying case. Additionally, watercolor pigments are so thin and transparent that it allows light to reflect from the supporting surface producing a glow that artists can utilize to capture the effects of light and weather in a way oil paints cannot. The only shortcoming is its durability.

1- Battle of Bailén, 16th-19th July 1808. Circa in 1895

2- View in the Serampore Road, Kolkata, India in 1848

3- Harbour Street, Kingston. C.1821

4- Rock-cut tombs, Beni Hasan, Undated in Egypt

5- Rough Shooting in Windsor Great Park, 19th century

6- Grinding sugar cane in a windmill, Antigua in 1823

7- View of a glacier between high mountains covered with clouds; shepherd with goats in the foreground. Circa 1825-35

8- Lambeth Fair, Fore Street, Lambeth. C.1850

9- The Thames at Cold Harbour, Blackwall in 1896

10- Allahabad, from the Right Bank of the Jumna, India in 1865

More info and images credits via amusingplanet