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4 Sep 2018

Mysterious Giant Chicken – An Abandoned Indonesian Church

Somewhere down in the thick backwoods of Central Java, overlooking the incorporating trees, lies a given up, breaking down church fit as a fiddle of a mammoth chicken with its nose open mid-cackle. Called “Chicken Church” or
2 May 2018

Amazing Cool Ancient Japanese Pottery

Kintsugi is the centuries’s old Japanese craft of altering busted stoneware with unique enamel cleansed with powdered gold, silver, or platinum. Exceptional folds of gold gleam in the breaks of terminated item, giving an exceptional look to
2 Mar 2018

The Rarer and Cuter Magic Rabbit Ili Pika in China

Definitely animal fans will connect the link revealed above as it shares some details about an unusual magic-rabbit. Called Ili Pika among the rarest types in the bunny race was identified after 20 years. The types is
26 Feb 2018

13 Fantastic Pictures of Cherry Blossom in Japan

If you are passionate about various type of pictures, you might enjoy gorgeous blossoms with good and dynamic colors. If you have an interest in clicking images of various things from nature, then various blossoms can be
4 Jan 2017

12 Fantastic Places To See In Asia

If you like to take a trip to various and have a deep enthusiasm for strolling around different locations worldwide, you will see there are various locations around you. Exactly what you have to do is an
17 Sep 2015

Qian Hongyan, Legless Basketball Girl in Southwestern China

Qian Hongyan grow up in one rural area in the southwestern China of Yunnan province. She lost her both legs when she was four years old in a horrific car accident in 2000. This is not easy
19 May 2015

7 Destination Places You Must See When Travel in India

By the largest area, India was called as a continent by most people. The country is located in the South Asia. India is known as the seventh largest and the second most populous democracy country within the
6 May 2015

Badain Jaran Desert – The Third Largest Desert of China

Badain Jaran Desert is a third largest desert in China due to its side. The desert consistent in the Inner Mongolia and two more of China province, Gansu and Ningxia. Because of the huge amount of area
10 Dec 2014

Batu Caves – The Most Beautiful Caves In Malaysia

Today just a look at travel destination places in Malaysia together with the following article. I gonna show you one popular and amazing tourist spot of Batu Caves in Kuala Lumpur of Malaysia. Batu Caves is one
26 Nov 2014

7 Breathtaking Reasons Will Blow Your Mind Wanted To Visit Singapore

Singapore is country that is located in the Southeastern Asia which consisting the island of Singapore and others 54 smaller islands. The country is the major location based for trade or business exchanges. The capital city is