6 Unique Frozen Ponds And Lakes Gonna Get Your Breath Away

Frozen Lakes or Ponds is a body of cool water surrounded by ice. Ice can be dangerous and harmful to all species life and human being as well, so that the cold in winter is a matter to faced. But the ice can attract the people interests such skiing..! Imagine that you are now walking on clean clear freezing lake that you can see the stone at the bottom of a lake.., yes it look like you are walking on the water. How amazing it be..! Check out 8 breathless photos of unique frozen lakes and ponds below!

1. Abraham Lake In Alberta, Canada
unique-frozen-lakes-gonna-get-your-breath-away_abraham-lake-alberta-canadaImage Credit

unique-frozen-lakes-gonna-get-your-breath-away_abraham-lake-alberta-canada-1Image Credit

2. Baikal Lake In Russia
unique-frozen-lakes-gonna-get-your-breath-away_baikal-lake-russiaImage Credit

unique-frozen-lakes-gonna-get-your-breath-away_baikal-lake-russia-1Image Credit

3. Pond In Switzerland
unique-frozen-lakes-gonna-get-your-breath-away_pond-switzerlandImage Credit

4. Druzhby Lake In Antarctica
unique-frozen-lakes-gonna-get-your-breath-away_druzhby-lake-antarticaImage Credit

5. Pond In Southern Of Oregon, USA
unique-frozen-lakes-gonna-get-your-breath-away_pond-southern-oregon-usaImage Credit

6. Blue Pond In Japan
unique-frozen-lakes-gonna-get-your-breath-away_blue-pond-japanImage Credit

7- Ice Rider In Siberia, Russia
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8- Emerald Ice On Baikal Lake, Russia

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