6 Funniest Photos Of Failed In Everyday Life By Italian Photographer Sandro Giordano

Through my own experience in the previous time, one day after I leave work back home I am in so bad mood of my boss’s anger without reasonable. I had felt very disapointed with him so much. Normally, when I arrived home my dog always come and greeting me but on that day while I stopped my car engine he run very fast from the back yard and unfortunately he cannot controlled his speed and fallen down in the pool so at that moment I have no idea just burst out of laughing. In short, I can concluded that falling down activities and image will made us recovered from bad temper. So there is an Italian photographer name Sandro Giordano. He was good at capturing the picture of a world in fall, he also added that “My photographs are stories about a falling-down of the world”. More info: Instagram | Facebook (h/t: laughing squid)