12 Most Dangerous Animals You Should Stay Away

The planet earth has provided us lots of awesome things including such the beauty of nature and animals. Beside the nature, there are many kinds of animal in the world. Some of them are lovely, smart, cute and other are very harmful to humanity. Talking through about the animals I had gathering a list of twelve most dangerous animals both in the water and on the land. However; the poisonous animals not existing only twelve of this so I decided to select them because of they are looking like simple and lovely but they are all exactly affect your life. Read more with notify the pictures below and stay away from them when you accidentally meet or them.

1. Box Jellyfish

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By just seeing from the outside it’s looking so beautiful, especially you kid must be want to play with when they see it. This water creature was called as the most venomous animal in the world by killing many people every year. So that Box Jelly Fish is really dangerous than stone fish, sharks and crocodiles. Its venom can spread into human body fast and killing people in last minute.

2. Boomslang

Boomslang is known as tree snake, even it’s not mostly attack humans due to the nature shy behaviour you need to know that it is a large venomous sake that hidden itself on the tree. The venom of this snake can disables the victim’s blood clotting.

Boomslang SnakeImage Credit

3. Puffer Fish

Puffer Fish can be called with another name as “Blowfish”. They might be attractive to people with their balloon shape. This fish has four sharp large teeth that its teeth can cut the mollusks and shells easily. The puffer fish is made as food as well, but remember the most harmful to the human when you prepare it not a proper way its poison will cause you stop breathe when eating them.

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4. DeathStalker Scorpion

DeathStalker Scorpion was also called with other two name which the first “Israeli Desert Scorpion” and the second one “Palestine Yellow Scorpion”. This creature is in the family of Buthidae but it was a species of scorpion. Check out its photo below and please try to avoid from him because he can sting you by the venom on his tail.

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5. Blue Ringed Octopus

The Blue Ringed Octopus is the member of Octopodidae family. They are living along the range of Indian and Pacific Ocean from Japan to Australia. This guy has a tiny size of body but he also labelled as the world most venomous water creature as well. When you encounters it don’t try to step on or admiring, it will bite and the blue-ringed octopus poison has no way to cure so it can kill adult people in only minutes.

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6. Mosquito

As you had read since the beginning of the post, mostly talking about the water venomous creature now let’s continue with the smallest poison creature with wing fly together. Mosquitoes are small but they also cause people die. This smallest poison insect spread the disease via using their tube-like mouth pierce into the human’s skin to suck the blood and the result that the people dead by the disease come from mosquitos is about 2 to 3 million annually.

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7. Poison Drat Frog

This kind of frog is belong to the Dendrobatidae family within the native of Central and South America. You may be adore it and want to play with due to the most amazing coloring on the skin. Please notified clear about its venom with the following image. This guy below was known as a poison grog.

Most-Dangerous-Animals-You-Should-Stay-Away_7Image Credit

8. Brazilian Wandering Spider

Due to the Guinness World Records Book, The Brazilian Wandering Spider was included as one of the most venomous creature in the world. Be careful this spiders mostly hide themselves in the car, houses and especially check out your clothes before wearing.

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9. Stone Fish

“Stone Fish” or “Scorpion Fish” is the member belong to the Scorpaenidae and Synanceiidae family. In this family also including the lionfish. The stone fish is fully skill with lying and hidden themselves in their surroundings under the water. They are formally found in the coastal regions of the Indo-Pacific Oceans. Stone fish is also recognized as a poisonous fish for humans.

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10. Africanized Honey Bee

Talking about the bee its honey is really useful in such a treatment task and many other more tasks as well. This is another one smallest insect that is considered as a poison creature called “Africanized Honey Bee”. Some people called it “The Killer Bees”, which they can attack and stung their victims as long as miles.

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11. Komodo Dragon

Komodo Dragon was included in dangerous animals for human. This harmful animal only need to eat once a month; they will eating anything from birds. But you should stay far away from them in case to safe yourself.

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12. Cone Snail

The last number twelve list of most dangerous animal is Cone Snail. Cone Snail was known in another name as “The Cigarette Snail”. When you are stung the cone snail its venom will attack you and lets you only one cigarette some your breath will stop. Check out the photo below to be ensure and trying to get away from when you encounter them.

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