10 Wonderful Cities of European Country You Should Visit

1- Brussels

Brussels is the capital city in Belgium, there are several spectacular reasons for vacationer that also included such as chocolate, beer and waffles. The city attraction with lot of incredible historical site of architectures, when you get there do not miss the cozy cafe culture. It’s amazing..!

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2- Stockholm

Stockholm is the beautiful city located in Sweden. The best recommendation tour to visit is in the summer season because of during summer you will enjoy the most unique beauty of the city under the extra blue sky. Most visitors flocking into Stockholm city in the summer.

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3- Glasgow

The largest city of Glasgow is the most charming and stylish city of Scotland. Visitor can have a great time to visit and tasting with diversity of restaurants, pubs and many friendly locals. It is also attract the tourist with vibrant art culture and other famous monument which this city offered.

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4- Berlin

Berlin is one of the most wonderful city in Germany. The city was well known by a cultural wonderland, art galleries and museums. Once again if you love to spend nightlife in bars and club, Berlin is the great destination place for you to have fun at night times.

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5- Budapest

Budapest is the largest and civilization city of Hungary. It was popular and most visit of the awesome playground for young travelers, it also has a cool nightlife for adult and teen as well. Anyway the city’s architectural style and museums are perfect.

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6- Dublin

Dublin city of Ireland, the road in Dublin was covering by the cobblestone. It was popular or well known as the city that have too many pubs and bars that you can enjoy the beer almost everywhere. But this Irish city has offered you for its significant Cathedrals and Libraries.

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7- Lisbon

Lisbon is a chief port of Portugual. The city it situated on the Atlantic coast at the mouth of Tagus River. You can explore throughout the day with gorgeous monasteries and quaint streets..,etc.

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8- Barcelona

The most charming atmosphere of Barcelona in Spain made it become a most visit city among the Europe continent. If you plan to visit in Spain, let’s go and check out the famous of La Sagrada Familia – it’s the best place that you can enjoy your party until the sun rises.

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9- Copenhagen

Copenhagen is the capital city of Denmark, it is the beautiful and friendliest city among the European cities. The top most visited are squares and historic canals, especially “The Tivoli Gardens”.

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10- Amsterdam

Amsterdam is the largest capital city of the Netherlands. It is an important port and financial centre, especially known for its diamond industry.

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