10 Tasty Traditional Food in Turkey

Turkey is a country that consisting with the small part of total area in southeastern Europe and the largest part in western Asia. The most attraction sight to the visitors for visiting this country including the wonderful monuments, mosques, churches, and the Grand Bazaar and enjoying the most beautiful nightlife time as well.

In addition as a tip for visitor, Turkey also has famous and delicious local food such Turkish Dessert Tulumba, Turkish Pide, Saffron And Chickpea Pilaf, Home-Style Doner Kebab, Mezze Plate, Mantar Dolmasi, Iskender Kebab, Lamb Kofta With Fattoush, Turkish Purslane And Rice Dish and Karaniyarik. Let’s taking a look at the following food photos below..!


Turkish Dessert Tulumba
Turkish Pide
Saffron And Chickpea Pilaf
Home-Style Doner Kebab
Mezze Plate
Mantar Dolmasi
Iskender Kebab
Lamb Kofta With Fattoush
Turkish Purslane And Rice Dish