10 Breathtaking Valleys You Should Spend Time To Visit

In the following article I had selected top ten beautiful valleys from around the world that you should spend time to explore about. Before going through the majority of the content, I would like to describe about the meaning of the valley is a low area of land between mountains or hills and it was typically cut the either sides by the stream or river flowing through. Now let’s check out those ten breathtaking valleys with its photos below!

1- Barun Valley, Nepal
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Barun Valley is a Himalayan valley located based in the Nepal district. This valley situated in the Makalu Barun National Park. Barun valley providing the most unique nature landscapes such highest waterfalls flowing into the deep gorges, beautiful greenery forest, and multi-colour of flower, white snow peaks and many more rare species animals.

2- Romsdalen Valley, Norway

Romsdalen valley is a long valley in Norway within the 60 kilometres long. Between the either sides there is a beautiful river running through with a 30 to 40 metres into the deep gorge, the river was known the name as Rauma river. However; the waterfall is prevent the danger by the fences on the both side and visitors can enjoy that unique falls by crossing the bridge.

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3- Lötschental Valley, Switzerland

The Lötschental valley is the largest valley in Switzerland. The valley lies between the Bernese Alps and the Lonza river. This amazing mountain valley serving tourist with attractive surrounding landscapes. Let’s go there now to get experience from authentic village’s lifestyle.

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4- Waipi’o Valley, Hawaii

Waipi’o valley was also called the Valley of the Kings because of its breathless nature beauty. Waipi’o valley situated in the southern part of Kohala Mountain of Hamakua district in the Big Island of Hawaii. This mountain valley has three thousand foot cliffs down and fifteen hundred feet of waterfalls height.

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5- Douro Valley, Portugal

The Douro Valley located based in the northern of Portugal which extending from the Porto city to the easternmost border. Douro valley offering visitor with unforgettable wonderful landscapes scenery of Douro river where the river flows into the sea and especially it is the places where Port and Douro wines are produced.

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6- Verde Valley, Arizona

Verde is a valley in the central of Arizona, USA. With the both sides of the valley covering by the Verde River run through. Exploring Verde Valley to refreshing your mind with red rock countryside landscapes and most nature of canyons surrounding. When visit Verde Valley you will enjoy a most significant vacation time and don’t missed to go and visit the wineries place and tasting it.

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7- Danum Valley, Borneo

Danum Valley is a conservation area of lowland rain forest in Sabah, Malaysia. For the visitors can enjoy the activities that this conservation area offers such river swimming, bird watching, jungle trekking. Danum Valley was known as a tropical flora and fauna habitat including 270 bird species, orangutans, gibbons, clouded leopards, mousedeer..etc.

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8- Yosemite Valley, California

Yosemite Valley lies in the Yosemite National Park surrounding and situated in the central of California. Yosemite Valley consists of beautiful trees, waterfalls, streams, rock formations, floral meadows that all these unique reasons always make visitors to remember about. How about you! You been there yet!

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9- Logar Valley, Slovenia

The Logar is a valley located in the Savinja Alps, this valley is one of the most magnificent tree valley in Europe. The Logar Valley surrounding landscapes always beautiful within every single season. Visitors can enjoys lots of fun activities such hiking, mountaineering, bicycling, climbing, skiing and delicious local food and comfortable accommodation so on. So that prepared your trip plan now, just remind every season the landscapes normally stay in awesome!

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10- Harau Valley, Indonesia

The last beautiful valley is Harau Valley. This valley is based in the Westernmost of Sumatra in Indonesia. Some people called this valley as Arau Valley. Harau Valley consists of beautiful greenery rice fields, giant cliffs. The valley was cut by the Batang Arau River and the most spectacular waterfalls is fallen down from the height of 80 to 300 meters into the valley bottom.

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